Thursday, September 19, 2019

Overview of the Adoption Process

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Adoption can be an exciting and frustrating journey all in the same day.  Making a decision to pursue adoption as a way to build your family takes a period of discernment and study.  CSSM is determined to provide you with accurate information that will help you with your decision.  The first step in the process is to seek and review all the information you can find.  We provide you with information about the various types of adoption and help you decide the type of adoption best for you.  You decide if you want to adopt a baby from Montana or another state or another country.Smith Meina
Our agency provides written materials and a series of videos through our website which describe the process a couple goes through to adopt an infant from CSSM.  They help to answer many questions such as: “What is open adoption?  Who are the birth parents?  How much does it cost to adopt through CSSM?  What are the steps we need to go through and how long does it take?”  We want you to be well informed  before you apply to be adoptive parents.  You are invited to visit with the social worker whose office is closest to your home to have your individual questions answered.
terland_01CSSM helps you to complete the home study process.  If you adopt through the CSSM Adoption Program you create materials about your family that are provided to expectant parents.  They choose the family for their baby or young child and social workers help you with the process of becoming acquainted and building a relationship.  This support continues through the birth and beyond.
The key to the success of CSSM’s over 61 years of Adoption is the support and compassion provided to everyone.  Each adoption and each family is unique.